16 years old

Did I tell you we’re getting an exchange student? We get him starting next weekend and we’re a “welcome family” for two weeks. We have the “option” of keeping him the whole year if we all get along, but since we’re only a welcome family, we’re only obligated to the first two weeks.

-not my idea-

Hubbin’s been BEGGING for an exchange student from Germ. for at least a year and I kept saying “no.” “no.” “no.” but he’s our school districts foreign language coordinator with the regional exchange program so clearly he has some backdoor means to do things.

I’m not old enough to have a 16 year old living in my house?…

Anyway… we pick him up next Saturday and I’m very skeptical about the whole thing.


2 thoughts on “16 years old

  1. Why’s he so insistent on getting an exchange student?? Does it make him look cool at work? 😀

    And I had NO IDEA petroleum jelly had an expiration date… Maybe if it’s been left out it gets germs, and they want to protect you from ten year’s worth of germs or something?

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