I was driving home a backway the other day and there’s this one part of the 2 lane road that’s 25mph. I’ve never in my life seen people observe a speed limit like they do there, so I generally make a point to actually go 25 through there.

This day there was a guy in a white car with tinted windows behind me who was already riding my bumper before we got there. So I slowed down like usual, maybe even a little extra just because I couldn’t even see the front of his car he was so close to my bumper. Major major tailgating.

Well. I’m half watching him get frustrated in my rearview when I see the cop car hidden in the bushes. I immediately look back and see that he is still millimeters from my bumper and still hasn’t seen the cop. As were passing the cop I see the guy see the cop and immediately back off my bumper.

We pass the cop. The cop pulls out and follows us for about a mile. Then the road widened up and the cops put his lights on and pulled the guy over.

I was so excited šŸ™‚


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