Super Nanny and Dog Whisperer

So we’re avid fans of the Dog Whisperer Hubbin and I… no, we don’t have a dog, nor do we ever really intend on getting a dog, but we really like watching Caesar work his magic. Which technically isn’t really magic at all.

I also in a previous life where I watched TV frequently enjoyed watching the Super Nanny.

I happened to get home and finish my pizza after work tonight just in time to catch an episode of the Super Nanny. 6 kids, 5 girls, all under 13… way out of control. You get the picture.

I was really shocked by the similarities between what the two were preaching. I will sum up both shows like this for you:

There is an epic battle to gain control over the house. It’s mental, it’s physical, it tests you in every way, and you CAN NOT lose.

Of course it’s all a lot more nuanced: Caesar wanting you to be calm and assertive in everything you do and Joe telling the parents they can not discipline when they are frustrated or show their doubts about whether they can accomplish it. But both want you to get a concrete vision in your head of “this is how it will be. period” and then make it happen.

It reminded me of when my friend from college came to visit with her new husband and 4 year old step-daughter who I don’t mind telling you is the perfect child. We asked her husband (who’s older than the rest of us) how he managed to have such a well behaved child (as in: “Please take pity on those of us who have yet to enter this life stage and save us from our own mistakes”) and he said something very similar: “The first few years are hell, they test you in every way, and if you win those battles it pays off 10 fold in everything to come”.


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