South of France and Monaco

I can now tell you, that if you’re looking for a nice beach trip, with inviting water, do NOT go to Italy (at least not Nettuno Beach)… I would instead recommend “the south of France”. Our boat stopped in Villefranche, very near Nice. I would have gladly spent more than one day in this port as well. We took ferry boats to shore and then walked to the train stop. Villefranche, first of wall was BEAUTIFUL, so I wouldn’t have minded staying there. (pictured below) But the reason they stop there is it’s a short train ride to Nice in one direction or Monte Carlo (Monaco) in the other direction. We decided to follow the lead of the older couple Hubbin’ hung out with in Athens and spend the day in Monaco. Plus Hubbin’ is WAY into cars so this was a total car-gasm trip for him. I didn’t really know anything about Monaco having not grown up in the whole Princess Grace era. What I learned from Hubbin’ is that Monaco is the richest country in the world, and it is like that because of it’s Casino (which wasn’t as large as I expected): There are no income tax in Monaco (consider that for just one moment) meaning if you’re an exceptionally wealthy person who makes a lot of money it would behoove you to buy a little house in Monaco and spend 6 months of the year there so you get to keep every penny you make. Hubbin’s general opinion of Monaco was that yes it was very impressive and pretty but also a little disgusting at the same time, he was a little tired at looking at rich people’s stuff by the end of this day. I know it’s wealthy but I was still impressed by the city. I could not get over how STEEP it was, and how many layers there were of the city. As the professional map-reader on the trip it was quite a task because on the map it may look like the street is just one block over, but it may require an elevator ride to get there. There were public elevators everywhere. It’s the strangest thing to be walking along the sidewalk, get in an elevator and go six floors down just to move a block over. It was, like everywhere else, insanely hot and we were really getting to the end of the trip as far as excess energy went. I did however, make hubbin’ step on every brick in the whole country (it’s a small country after all 😉 ) but we saw the Casino, we walked all along the harbor. (we happened to be there during their international yacht show which was awe inspiring and disgusting all at the same time) Then we climbed a separate mountain to see the palace and whatnot. We took an extended walk along the shore which had no actual beach per say but they had built concrete bleachers into the side so you could go lay out and jump in and swim… and I wanted to SO BADLY, clothes and all. Unlike Italy where we got to the waters edge and would only go ankle deep because the water looked so scummy, the water was so breathtaking in Monaco and Villefranche that you wanted to just jump in with all your clothes on.


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