To myself in the parking garage

“Gah old ladies stop walking behind me! It would be very hard to explain how the emergency department employee parking illegally in the patient garage ran you over!”


One thought on “To myself in the parking garage

  1. I’m all caught up again! You’ve been a bloggin’ fool. Shows what happens when you’re not in school, I guess. 😀

    LOVED everything–and laughed hard enough at the Pompeii pictures that Jonathan wanted to know what I was laughing at. I got an eye roll on the “had a good time, but it stank” graffiti, another eye roll on the penis pointers… but then he started laughing as he realized it really WAS funny. :D:D:D

    I had something else to comment, but it’s late and I’ll have to go back later and remember. 🙂

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