Pisa, Italy and Italian Beach

The day after Rome, we were going to see the leaning tower of Pisa. Which caused another one of those “Oh my goodness, it’s RIGHT HERE” moments. First of all there is NOTHING else in Pisa, no wonder they just did all that major work to prop the tower back up a little, because if it falls over no one will ever go to Pisa again.

It really does lean dramatically and it’s a really huge tourist trap. Other than that, not really a whole lot to say about the leaning tower. You can pay and climb up in the tower, but they only let X-number of people up each hour and they didn’t open it until 11am and we arrived at 10am. We spent 45 minutes there taking photos and buying a few souvenirs before we were loaded back into the bus and left for the beach.

We were tired, we were hot, and we were very tired of walking. We were only about 3 days away from the end of the trip now and on our 3rd of 4 touring days in a row so we were really tired. I know, I know, “Ugh I’m SO tired of touring famous European landmarks, POOR ME“. But genuinely, we were fatigued. The night before we very nearly tried to cancel our Pisa and Beach day trip in favor of something shorter until we learned the deadline had past and we were stuck. It turned out to be one of our favorite days. We went to Nettuno Beach (Neptune Beach).

My new generalized opinion of the Italian Beach is: “Ew”. We didn’t swim because when we got down to the water there was all sorts of trash floating in the water (plastic bags, sanitary pads, etc)… The locals seem to be much more organized than Americans with the beach space, each renting a changing room and chairs and umbrellas all laid out in neat rows, but clearly not so careful about water cleanliness.

Hubbin and I, both being of excessive pale Brittish Isle descent were not too keen on sun exposure plus it was way to hot to be laying in the sun, so we spent a good portion of our beach time walking around the little town. We had a delicious lunch of pizza at a little cafe, followed by two of the most amazing iced coffees I’ve ever tasted. Then we changed into our swimsuits and walked along the waters edge getting our feet and legs wet for a while before retiring to the shade of the beach resort restaurant (No AC to be had in the whole town so don’t even ask). It was a really, really nice day.


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