Santorini, Greece

Hubbin’ wasn’t really prepared for Santorini, I had looked at my friend’s photos so I knew it was going to be one of those cities with the beautiful white buildings and blue roofs like you imagine when you think of Greek isles. Hubbin’ was amazed how pretty it was. We woke up that morning and our cruise ship was already in the harbor and we ate breakfast gazing out the window at these steep volcanic mountains with what looked like snow at the top. Not snow, those were the towns. We had to take a tender boat onto the island, and then once we were there we took a cable car to the top. I wasn’t too excited about the cable car (it was WAY UP HIGH) I concentrated on taking pictures and we were at the top before I knew it. The options to the top were

  1. Cable car
  2. Donkey
  3. Walk

The bartender on the ship assured us the night before that if we took a donkey we would smell like a donkey for at least three days. Wikipedia informs me the elevation is 984ft… so I wasn’t interested in walking. Santorini was STEAMING HOT the day we were there. It was after my first dose of antibiotics, so I was feeling only about 50% improved.

In retrospect, I totally over did it that day, it was way to much exertion for as sick as I was. But I don’t regret it. We had no organized tour that day so we got off the cable car and just kept walking left and up until we got to a sidewalk with a nice view of the coast. We bought a gorgeous painting there of one of the famous churches with the blue roofs. We’re having that framed for our dining room as we speak. We bought a few souvenirs and had lunch at a little cliff-side restaurant. The restaurant was kind of crappy and the food wasn’t that good. I had a tomato and cucumber salad with some of that gyro dressing on it that totally hit the spot for how hot it was there. Hubbin’s meatballs and potatos made me nauseous though. Yet again we spent the day just wandering around (in the sweltering heat) taking an obscene amount of photos. By the time we decided we were finished we headed back to the cable car/ donkey station only to learn the line for the cable car was 1 hour and 45 minutes. So we headed into a few of the tourist shops and I got a few pretty silver jewelry items, then we decided we would rather take our chances walking down the hill than stand in the sun not moving for nearly 2 hours. So we set out on the donkey trail which was, mmm, treacherous. Europeans are apparently very into making very wide stairs (maybe 4 of my steps per stair, that are slanted down to the next step) I guess it’s ok for donkeys? But after what appeared to be decades worth of donkey poop (turned grass) ground into each step you really had to watch yourself because they were kind of slippery. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill (I really wish I had kept track of the time it took us) we were so sweaty we could have convinced you we had jumped in the ocean with our clothes on. It was a little gross for me to have the heplock in my arm covered with a clear dressing and my whole elbow wrapped in gauze that was now saturated with sweat.

We did both make it back to the ship alive, the ships staff met us at the tender boat pick up area with cold cups of water and wet washclothes they had clearly had in the freezer the whole day. I never felt anything so amazing in my whole life as an ice cold washcloth.

Santorini was amazing. I think it’s the perfect place if you really want to relax on a vacation for like 5 days, get a hotel room there (there were lots with excellent views and swimming pools right on the edge) and lots of little cafes. Hubbin thinks you’d probably be tired of it after about 5 days because it seemed like there wasn’t really much to do there other than shop/ visit cafes/ and sight see.


One thought on “Santorini, Greece

  1. Hi, hi, hi!

    I just read every blessed word and you did a great job!! I loved the play-by-play and pictures. Perfect. I’m sorry you were sick though. 😦 Of course.

    And then, I had to laugh at the picture of the back of your head. Because of course I know what you look like, ha-ha-ha-HA!

    And then, the picture of the back of your head… your hair is so shiny! I’ve been looking up deep conditioner treatments… *sigh*

    I know this is random, but dang it, it’s been a long couple of days!!

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