Our first stop on the trip was Venice. We arrived from Atlanta to Venice at about 11am. It’s very nice because you arrive and collect your bags, then the cruise ship has buses waiting on you and you hop on and they drop you off at the dock. Thank goodness because otherwise I think it would have been a little stressful finding our way there. Then you check your big bags with the cruise ship and they deliver them to your room for you. What they didn’t tell us is that they don’t deliver them till that evening, so we spent our whole day in Venice wearing our yucky flying clothes (jeans and t-shirts) rather than our nice clothes we packed for sight-seeing a photo ops. The cruise ship had a little shuttle ($10 per person of course, because they charge you for everything they possibly can) But it was convenient to have a boat drop us off at St. Marks square and a guaranteed ride back to the ship later.The weather in Venice was low 70s and overcast, so it felt cool enough for a light jacket.

Hubbin’s life long dream was to take a honeymoon to Venice so this was one of the most exciting stops for him. My only wish about Venice was that it was later on in our trip, because honestly I had a terrible time and it had nothing to do with the city, just that I was so incredibly nauseated It really was a beautiful city, small narrow sidewalks, little streets, and nearly everytime you rounded a corner there was another photo op… We spent most of the day wandering around taking pictures and stopping in whatever little shops we found along the way. We bought a nice painting for the house and a few smaller souvenirs from the same artist for our mothers. We ended up eating dinner in what appeared (to me) to be a small Italian style fast food restaurant with a couple selections of spaghettis and pastas that you served yourself. It wasn’t excellent but we were hungry at the time and we didn’t want to spend the time or money for a nice sit down dinner.

After dinner, Hubbin’ suggested we go on a gondola ride, but I was fairly sure puking over the side of the gondola would be frowned upon so we walked around for an hour or two waiting for a few bites of spaghetti to settle and my zofran to kick in. We did finally take a gondola ride (after an extra pill of Zofran). We didn’t go on one of the fancy ones, or one where the guy sings to you, but we were really in it for the photos and scenery anyway. It was really pretty to drift down some of the little side canals and just look at all the beautiful houses. This last picture is “the bridge of sighs” linking the court house to the prison. Venice was really beautiful and we’ve already decided we want to go back.


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