Bartholin’s Cyst

If you’re ever having a procedure done and someone tells you you may want to request pain medication take their advice to heart. I don’t care if they’re the person taking your vitals or the janitor, you’re not the first one they’ve seen.

We had an older mid-50s patient with a bartholins cyst come in and I recommended three separate times while I was in her room that she MAY want to ask them to give her something before they start. She ignored me. And when they went in to drain it we could hear her yelling all the way in the nurses station. I said “hey, I TRIED to warn her”

I know you wanted to read about the honeymoon, its coming I promise. But this is an experimental mobile post so I wanted to keep it short. Dont worry (Austin 😉 ) I’ve already started the honeymoon posts and I intend to post more regularly now!


2 thoughts on “Bartholin’s Cyst

  1. Oh, my Lord! I have had 2 Bartholin cysts in the past four months (just had surgery to take care of that for good) and I CANNOT imagine having it drained without any pain meds or numbing. Good Lord what an idiot!

  2. I suppose I should clarify, they always use the local anesthetic… but in my opinion, that’s no where near enough for what they’re doing as it’s clearly an agonizing procedure.

    A bartholin’s cyst is right up there in my top 10 worst nightmares now.

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