No peace to pee

So our ER has one staff bathroom in the locker room, and one staff bathroom on the fast-track side of the ER. Our fast-track is only open when we’re busy, but it’s also not nearly as convenient to get to that bathroom quickly so most people use the staff bathroom in the locker room. I started a post not too long ago about how I hate using that bathroom because without fail every time I sit down someone knocks on the door.

Today took the cake. I had a brief lull in duties so I stole into the bathroom for a quick pee break. No sooner had I started to pee when I heard someone punch in the code on the outer door and start heard yelling “SSFB? SSFB?!” I thought about ignoring her, but the cleaning lady turned me in, so I finally yelled back “Yesss?” and she said “Supervisor wants you to go into room 5 right now to watch the PA put on a splint!”

I mean jesus christ. Seriously?! I’m ON THE TOILET!

Now… granted our ER doesn’t get a lot of ortho, but today makes the 5th splint I’ve watched her apply… Was that really important enough to drag someone off the toilet to watch?!


One thought on “No peace to pee

  1. *laughing* at your post… she should have just let you pee. Think about it from her perspective… maybe once she’s in the john she’s there for a VERY long time and figures everybody else does the same! 😀

    Thanks for the idea of a monitor!! I’m wrapping up getting directions to this guy’s house and unplugging. !!

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