Lost and Found… much to her dismay

Sorry to leave you hanging, this mentorship thing is keeping me quite busy! I’m really going kind of crazy, I’ve had more migraines in the past two weeks (including today) than in the last 5 months combined. That promises to only be topped by my 8 day death march ahead. I’m done in just TWO WEEKS so now it’s merely a matter of holding my breath till it’s all over.

So Hubbin found her with very little difficulty, after I thought I had searched the whole room we found her mere feet from the launch point wedged behind and underneath the bookshelf her bin sits on.

Something tells me she wasn’t terribly glad we found her.

She did stir after just a few motivating words, but I think she would have been A-OK with a few days of freedom in the house.

But she did give Hubbin a good cuddle when he pulled her out. I do swear to you that there’s just something about the way she acts when he’s holding her that makes it seem like she genuinely likes him, in her own reptilian way.

In other news we had a spotting of my little punk of blue tegu on top of her heat mat. She fell asleep a few months after the princess but she still by all indicators seems to be interested in hibernation. We haven’t seen her by her own volition in the past 4 months, but we’ve dug her out a few times and woken her up to make sure she’s fine. She hasn’t lost any weight, and arouses easily, but is just so not interested in hanging out with us or eating.


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