Wouldn’t it be nice?

So at work right now I’m supposed to pick my schedule for April. As in the same month I’ll be doing my externship for school.

Today we received an email from the course coordinator asking us to rate the top 3 hospitals we’d like, the top 3 types of units we’d like, and if we want “night”, “evening”, “weekend” or “rotating” shifts. The end of the email says they’ll let us know more information “hopefully before spring break”, which is two weeks from now but to please be patient because there are over 100 of us at our campus alone.

Don’t you think if they’re going to mail out this survey they should have mailed it out in JANUARY so they could have “coordinated” all of this more than 2 weeks ahead of time? Given this is the “night and weekend program” which is supposedly designed for people that work?


One thought on “Wouldn’t it be nice?

  1. *laughing* I’m so glad we’re done with school. That is NOT said as a rub-it-in; more as a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel. Although it would be nice to be making more money with the degree!

    Emi’s hair is just like mine–our hair looks red with the flash of the camera and in the right sunlight. 🙂 If you came over and inspected her hair, you’d see a dirty blonde. 🙂

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