Hand-written from study day at Panera

I spent nearly my entire day off studying at Panera. On my break I read some blogs on my PDA and I have to say that Mimi Smartypants always makes me want to write long and fancy blog entries with lots of long words and this in turn causes me to fanticise about the end of school when I can head to panera on my day off with my laptop instead of my nursing books and compose long entries.

I had a tastey panera breakfast and then studied for a few hours wherin I decide I need to poo and then encounter the “stuff dilemma” this panera is in a safe area but obviously I wouldn’t leave my purse unattended at the table… but where do you draw the line? My $78 nursing book? Sure probably no one wants it, but what if? I’d be screwed if I lost it. My coffee? but what if an employee comes by and cleans it up? My notebook? Pens and pencils? I have more but I have a tendancy to become absurdly attached to a specific pen or pencil for months at a time before picking a new favorite, this would totally upset my mojo. And can I ask, who is this man in the green shirt and white bandana that seems to be doing laps around my island and making eye contact with me?

Hubbin and I bought a big bottle of chewable dinosaur vitamins at costco. They really are quite delicious, but they’ve more succeeded because it’s caused me to bust out my bottle of Womens One-A-Day again… I gave them up nearly a year ago because I was tired of the nausea. In an effort to be more healthy and get all those things I should be getting I busted then back out and put them in my work bag… I’ve noticed for the last 6 days my lower left eyelid has had the hiccups, virtually nonstop, do we think this is a coincidence? My coworker suggested it’s either Potassium or Stress and I should eat some bananas… I said “LACK of potassium? or TOO MUCH potassium because I just started with this multivitamin….” She said I really need to just go on a vacation. Laugh with me now! HA! I’d settle for a few days off.

Shame I have all this studying to do because I got the first ever phone call from the ER asking me to come in and work a spontaneous evening shift tonight… we’re having people over for dinner so I can’t… but I wanted to. I love the steady-weekend nurses. They are SO-MUCH-FUN. I’m not kidding, I had a GREAT time at work Saturday. I get to bounce around in scheduling a lot more than the nurses do so I get to experience all the different cliques there are and what combinations of people make for the best work environment. The steady night nurses… cranky bitches. The steady weekend nurses… it’s like a party, not even joking.


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