1st Break

We had a patient show up on our board as “Alleged Sexual Assault”… 20 years old, came in with her mother. Through the course of the evening we learned that’s not really why she was there, she was there because her mother was at her wits end and didn’t know what else to do with her. The mother reported the girl was perfectly normal until about 3 days before when she thinks she started using drugs. The girl was claiming she had been assaulted by her neighbor and 50 of his closest friends. Her tox-screen was only positive for marijuana. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the issue, the issue was the girl was experiencing her first acute psychotic break. When I would go in to take her vitals I couldn’t believe the textbook symptoms she was displaying. Although she was communicating a completely heartwrenching story about the “Alleged SA” what I couldn’t get over was the nonstop talking and the textbook “flight of thought” being displayed. You would be in there for 5 minutes and the girl wouldn’t take a breath, and was switching wildly from topic to topic to completely unrelated topic. She voluntarily signed the commitment papers and spent the next hour frantically writing notes of warning in blue crayon to everyone she knew, including the nurses because she didn’t want us all to think she was crazy and she wanted everyone to know her neighbor was guilty. Switching wildly from being very polite to screaming profanity at her mother. We even had to park a security guard outside of her room while we were waiting for her ride to the psych hospital.

Oh the anguish in her mother’s eyes….


2 thoughts on “1st Break

  1. I can’t imagine many things worse than that for my kids. 😦 I feel for that mother… and the girl! It makes me wonder how much she knew when she was getting involved with drugs to begin with.

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