Playing while hurt

Last week while I was sick with a fever over 100* and stuck at work (the fever started after I got there and we were, of course, too busy) I went in to do vitals on someone with “Flu-like symptoms”…. I curse the people that come in with flu-like symptoms… If you’re sick with the flu STAY HOME. Make some tea, tuck yourself in to bed. I went in to do this girl’s vitals and she’s got her arms pulled all up with the covers, sucking her lip in with every wimper and looks at me with tears in her eyes and says “I just can’t stop shaking, I’m so sick, I’m so cold I can’t get rid of the chills”….

I look right at her and smile and think to myself: I’m trying *really* hard to be sympathetic right now but my fever is higher than yours. Get it TOGETHER.


One thought on “Playing while hurt

  1. I have to laugh–it’s hard to be sympathetic when you’re hurting…

    And… that last blog entry–my heart’s breaking for you!! You’ve got a bit of virtual support, that’s for sure… And think about this–you guys are only newly-married. I mean, really. I think until just recently, we’ve been struggling to combine two worlds. It’s never too late to apologize.

    I made it clear to Jonathan when we got married that we were sticking together. He felt the same way. I told him there were only a handful of things that would cause me to leave him… If he cheated (which he wouldn’t do), if he hit me, or if he abused one of our kids. Just about everything else I figured we could work through. Of COURSE there’s more fine-print than that… lots of other things can go wrong… and it’s one thing to commit that when you’re so swirlingly in love and entirely another after you’ve had a blow-out where things’re said and everybody’s left emotionally raw. Not to mention that you have to deal with all of the intensity while LIFE keeps going on around you. It’s SO not easy, and everybody goes through hard times at one point or another. It’s unnatural to have a perfect marriage!!

    The nice thing about virtual friends is that we seriously know nothing about you (well… you know what I mean…). There’s a wealth of experience there. I know you can’t talk to family (Oh my gosh, what if they think we’re going to get divorced, or… what if my husband finds out and gets mad that I talked about certain things that don’t go outside of the marriage conversation… or a myriad of other thoughts)… Anyway. I’m available, too. 😀 You have my # from the other place where we’re connected, and OF COURSE you’re welcome to call whenever. (Might have to call you back, but still!)

    Be good. You know what’s right and so does he. Try to look at the good and let him know that you’re trying… and that you see that he’s trying, if that’s applicable. 🙂 Let him know why you love him. You’re doing great! Keep up your faith!

    (And tell me that I can quiet down any time… ha ha)

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