I hereby solemnly swear

I hereby solemnly swear that next year I will take our Christmas photo over Thanksgiving break. I’ve posted some of the outtakes on flickr for you to see. This year isn’t going nearly as well. Princess is able to walk right out of her sweater, and does so… because dude, why would a reptile want to wear a sweater? So I had to settle for just the green scarf 😦 and packages. We eventually broke down and stuck a ribbon on her back. I’m hoping for the best but of course half way through the photo shoot Hubbin decided he didn’t like my digital camera and wanted to use his… without a camera card. So now I have to wait for him to load the picture to his computer at work… use photoshop etc etc etc… I had really intended to get them printed and sent today. But I guess it will need to be Thursday now because that’s my next day off. So much for the Christmas cards making it in time for Christmas 😦

My final is tonight, and I’m at home cramming right now, or rather supposed to be cramming. I’m just not in the mood though. I’ve been done with this semester for WEEKS now. I have an extremely middle of the road B. I have an 88% and if I get 100% on the final it will only bring me up to a 91% which is still a B… and if for some surprising reason I don’t do acceptably well on the final and get a 74% (the lowest I scored on a test this semester) I will have a B…. so I guess that’s not really much of a motivator.

I actually do have blogging material, but like I said I’m SUPPOSED to be studying for my final right so I should probably be doing that….


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