Backpost Rant

Written a way way long time ago now…

Last week my boss was at a conference in California and during this time I got 3 emails and 2 phone calls about the monkey budget. Someone over in the finance department wanted approval for some charges to our monkey account. I told two people over the phone that I felt that, as a lab tech, it was not my place to have the final say in financial decisions regarding our grant. I told them my boss would be back on Monday and they should try calling her then. -as a side note I didn’t understand what was so urgent. If they really needed this accomplished by a deadline they should not have waited till 4 business days beforehand to contact my boss. She’s only in her office a max of three days a week and she always takes at least a month to get back to anyone. In my opinion people who have been working with her should start to anticipate this and to ask her well in advance.-


Well I was wrong, apparently it is my place. I have been made the primary contact on the Monkey budget by my boss. Wonderful. I’m thrilled. PS, this does not come with a raise despite the fact that the email informing me of this decision from the finance department started out the email by stating “As the person who oversees [my boss’s] research you have been made the primary contact for the monkey budget” and went on for 5 pages explaining exactly what all this involved and the complex purchase order coding I am to use to dole out funds.

Two days after receiving this email I had a meeting with my boss in which she asked me if I would be willing to consent patients for our study. I told her no. Which obviously surprised her.

The bottom line is I feel like it’s not my job. Part of “The Research Coordinator”’s (TRC) job is to recruit patients. That’s what we pay her for. I feel like if you want me to do part of TRC’s job, that it’s only fair that I get part of TRC’s salary too (as research coordinator positions are listed for twice my salary).

I was hired as a lab tech, to run tests on the specimens that are collected in the past week I’ve been made primary contact on the monkey budget, in addition to all my other lab duties. I already am responsible for giving my boss financial updates on our other grant, I maintain the lab’s inventory, I run experiments, I process tissue and maintain our databases (with more than 500 patients). Plenty. Thanks.

All this and I would like to add that I have been working in this particular lab for 2.5 years and I just looked at the job postings online and I am making precisely 13 more cents an hour than someone would as a new hire.


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