Top Patient Pet-Peeve

And on that note I’ve decided what my TOP patient pet-peeve is… The patients that are “too ill” (or rude) to so much as lift their arm 3cm off the bed so I can apply the blood pressure cuff without physically lifting their arm into the air.

You would not be able to imagine how many times I go into a patients room to take their vital signs (blood pressure/temp/pulse ox and so forth) and the patient refuses so much to lift their arm off the bed for me to put on the blood pressure cuff. (oh I’m in a hospital they should do EVERYTHING for me) I had not one but TWO patients today who were discharged with the diagnosis of “Common Cold” who I had to physically hold their arm up to apply the cuff.

…. not far removed was our patient feigning being to ill to scoot her butt up in bed: “My feet are hanging off the edge of the bed, what should I do?”

(I kid you not, that is a verbatim quote. And I’m not being unduly mean either, she was discharged with “heavy period”)


One thought on “Top Patient Pet-Peeve

  1. We get treated like we are Club Med too.
    They come in and can’t do a thing for themselves and then practically skip out the door once they have that RX for narcs.

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