Trust her, she’s a doctor…

-This was obviously written a while ago-

So our second year fellow swung by the lab today to pick up some primate specimens from the -80 freezer. I don’t have time now that I’m leaving to help her search for samples, so I pointed her in the right direction and left her to look while I went back to my computer for a bit. I went to check on her 10 minutes later and find the -80 freezer door open and the freezer alarming. I’m sure from her perspective it looked like I was a little off my rocker because I immediately started pointing and telling her to close the freezer! Quick! Now! I told her it was really important to keep the freezer closed because it’s remotely monitored and she would have facilities management jumping down her throat about a broken freezer in minutes.

“Well you should have told me I needed to shut the door”

Excuse me? It didn’t occur to you that if you leave the freezer door open the freezer might warm up? For real? And frankly this interaction makes me even more irritated by my bosses comment that she feels like she’s involved in nursery school research.


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