The first day

The first day went really well and I do have one funny story…

Because it’s a female health hospital (and for all I know they may do this is other ERs too) we universally collect a urine sample on entering. That urine is then subjected to a pregnancy test and dipped to see the content of all sorts of things (glucose, ketones, blood, yadda yadda yadda) This is one of my main functions. Urine tester. So I watched my preceptor do this once and show me all the paperwork that goes with it, then we did one together. It’s not complicated, just matching colors. My preceptor had to leave the unit for whatever reason and a new patient came in. The nurse brought the urine specimen back and I said “Would you like me to test that for you?” and she looked right at me in all seriousness and says, “Are you sure you feel comfortable testing this on your own?” I assured her it was no problem and while I was dipping the urine I was thinking to myself:

“This isn’t brain surgery, it’s a test they let you buy at the drugstore, conduct in your home bathroom and interpret it on your own… I think I’m up to the job”


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