So the trip to the pulmonologist was less than exciting (for me). The pulmonologist agreed with the allergist and Hubbin left on nothing but Nexium and Zyrtec. The pulmonologist didn’t even think he had asthma. His lung function test and O2 sat test (even with exercise) was fine so he sent him on his way. Hubbin was thrilled because he was really worried the pulmonologist was going to give him bad news. I’m a little less excited because now I feel like we’re back to no other options after “replace our furnace, clean the duct work, and cross our fingers”. Our second furnace estimate is Thursday and I really hope they can replace it soon because it’s FREEZING. Snow is falling from the sky, in flurries, and our furnace is off. Not turned down, off. But the options for Hubbin are “freeze or suffocate”… so be thinking warm thoughts for us!


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