Farmer Dre

I bent down and opened the lid to our gecko tank the other day to give Dre-man some water, when I saw a little bug crawling in his tank. I immediately felt pangs of guilt for ignoring him, and look, now he was infested with bugs to prove that we’re bad owners, and the bugs are probably gnawing on him at night, and how pray-tell did our indoor gecko get fleas?!

Then I looked a little closer.

It was a baby cricket (approx twice the size of a fruit fly) and wait, what’s this? There’s lots of little baby crickets?

I called downstairs: “Hey Hubbin! Guess what! Dre has decided he’s tired of relying on us to import crickets. He’s decided to become a farmer and raise himself some free-range crickets”


One thought on “Farmer Dre

  1. That’s funny! He wants to go organic… no hormones or antibiotics in the crickets he’s gonna consume, eh! Good for him!

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