I’ve been meaning to write all week because I’m so completely infuriated with my chinese co-worker (who I’ve incidentally never had a problem with in 3 years) that I’m barely on speaking terms with him and there is little hope of forgiveness before I leave in 2.5 weeks….. However, I’ve spent literally the past 7 hours doing nothing but reading about cardiovascular disease and valvular problems that I no longer have the energy to even start the entry… another time.

Last night we went to dinner/drinks at a friend’s house and had a great time. They have two children 11(girl) & 8(boy)… and I thought I’d share this little foreshadowing tidbit for what kind of parent Hubbin’ will be some day.

Mother: “[boy] go put your PJs on…. you had gym today didn’t you? Go take a shower first”

Boy: “But..”

Mother: “Go take a shower, you had gym”

Boy: “But we didn’t run in gym today!”

Hubbin: “Did you poop?”

Boy: “….”

Hubbin: “There, you turned yourself in, now go take a shower, you don’t want to be known as stinky-butt-boy”


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