Heat Nazi

That’s Hubbin. He announced with much pride earlier this week that the unseasonably high temperatures were aiding his seasonal goal of not turning the furnace on until November.


Those unseasonably high temperatures? They’re gone. I had my alarm set this morning to go to Step Aerobics and was barely able to convince myself to get out of bed due to the frozen atmosphere in the house.

I even took a picture of our thermostat this morning for you.

Say it with me now “brrrrrr”

***updated*** Hubbin has allowed me to turn the furnace on two weeks before reaching his goal of November 1st.


One thought on “Heat Nazi

  1. Brrrrrrr! It’s been that cold in the mornings here, too… but it’s getting up to the low 80s all the rest of this week. This is good! My mother-in-law is coming in from NYS and it’ll be nice to have good weather to offer!!

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