Waiting and Hopeing

So the scoop is, I was not offered a job on the spot *pout* but I hope to hear something one way or the other soon.

I hate interviews, (well who doesn’t, but) I hate having to come up with things like: “tell me about a major obstacle you’ve encountered” “tell me about how you handle problem coworkers” “tell me your what accomplishment you’re most proud of” blah blah blah. He had about 3 pages of lame interview questions and a big form he was filling out while we were talking. I guess really it could go either way. He said they’re very flexible about working around my school schedule and that 4 of the nursing assistants are also in school right now and have had no problems. I think I did pretty well I made a concerted effort to be talkative and offer information, neither of which comes very naturally to me. Hopefully I didn’t say anything unintentionally that would hurt my case.

The job looked great. Like, really. I’m really, really crossing my fingers. (A. That they offer me a position and B. That it’s not an ENORMOUS paycut) The unit director seems really nice and down to earth and I think the interview went fairly well. It’s a smaller ER because there’s a HUGE one at the hospital up the street. He said the case load has really been increasing (in part because people go to the huge ER and see the long wait and then come to this one) and the variety is expanding. Over the next few years they hope to expand the ER. He said the assistants get a lot more hands on experience in the ER than they do in lots of other units, (which I believe) they do a lot of testing right on the spot. I’d get to learn phlebotomy etc, do urine tests, straight caths and so forth. (Not just vitals, blood sugars, and bed baths like on other units) He also said a lot of the RNs on the unit really like teaching and if they know one of the assistants is in nursing school and is interested in learning they’ll take them along to watch stuff. He interviewed someone earlier that day and had interviewed a handful of other people, he said he plans to hire two people. He has a staffing meeting tomorrow and then has to meet with HR and said he would let me know after that.

I tried to explain to Hubbin that me being in school and graduating in 8 months could potentially be a Pro or a Con depending on what else is happening on the unit because they could look at it like: “look, we can hire this assistant now, get her fully trained at a lower price and then get her to stay as an RN after graduation” that said, it could just as easily be looked at as “We’re fully staffed of RNs, and if we hire this assistant now she’ll be leaving in 8 months for a job somewhere else and we’ll be back to square one” so I guess time will tell.

My faux-aunt is a big-important-person at the hospital and has been encouraging me for months to get out of the lab because it’s “doing nothing for my career” She had been keeping an eye out for position openings in units she deems acceptable experience, so when I told her I had applied to the ER she said “OH! I didn’t know they were hiring! I’ve known that unit director a very long time and I would feel very comfortable giving him a call to ask him to look for your resume”… so she did…. Only she sent him an email which I only found out about the day before yesterday because my faux-aunt forwarded her email to my mother and my mother read it over the phone. It was an amazing recommendation, way more than “keep an eye out for the resume” it was: “she’s got a great personality, strong work ethic, bright, well organized” so on and so forth “I am more than willing to volunteer myself as a personal reference and I would really appreciate you looking at her resume and offering her this opportunity”. Wow. Soooooo hopefully that helps my case πŸ˜‰ lol… I almost wish my mother HADN’T read it to me before the interview because I was a little embarassed.

…. which speaking of, while I’m thinking about it I’m going to write up a little thank you email to the ER unit director and fire that off… I’ll keep you posted πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Waiting and Hopeing

  1. Ugh. I hate interviewing. I’m always confident in the meeting, and then outside, I just KNOW I’ve totally messed up my case……. Although, that said, the last three jobs I interviewed for, I got… (And of course, I haven’t been in the workplace for 3 years….)

  2. You know what they say… It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.

    I have a family friend in the upper echelon of my hospital’s nursing administration who gave the director of my ER a nudge when I applied as well. It gave me confidence when I went into my interview to know that someone who mattered had been singing my praises, but then I also felt intense pressure to live up to those standards. I was so worried I would be nothing more than a f*** up and embarrass my friend!

    It all worked out, of course. πŸ™‚

    Good luck — I can’t wait to hear about your new job! And BTW, if you prove yourself as a nurse tech, I am certain a job will be “created” for you, to keep you on when you graduate, even if there aren’t any “openings.” When someone good comes on staff, most nursing managers hate to let them slip through their fingers…

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