So I can’t remember if I mentioned that the whole class failed our first test this semester? Did I? Anyway. I got a 74% (yes that “mid-C” is a failing grade) however the class average was a 68%, so yes, I failed, just not quite as bad as everyone else.

I (along with many others) felt an intense need to make up for it this week on our mental health test so I put myself on house arrest over the weekend, and took Friday off to study. I studied a LOT. Then after the test on Monday I still wasn’t feeling any relief. The test was kind of hard. Plus I feel like I spend a lot more time second guessing every answer after I do poorly on a test. So it was hard to gauge whether I was just second guessing right answers or if I really just didn’t know the answer. I was really crossing my fingers I got over an 80%, but I wasn’t really hopeful. I just wanted to get my grade out of failing range. Well, ok, no, I wanted to get 100%, but I would settle for just bringing my grade out of the “F” range. There were only 50 questions so I wasn’t too sure I had missed less than 10 with all the questions I had circled and gone back to.

The instructor posted our grades last night and I miraculously got a 46/50, which is a 92% (that’s the end of the As). I am SO happy. That brought my grade from a 74% (failing) to an 83% (bottom of the Bs). WHEW! Now we’re back in business. I really think I need to put myself on house arrest more often!


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