From my new laptop… no not really.

So I’d like to tell you that I’m posting this from my brand new inspiron 1420. But I can’t. That would be lying. I typed a real long post yesterday with the intention of posting and declaring with much excitement that I was posting from my new laptop but then I got home last night and forgot to post. Whoops. (I also intended the first post to be with gratuitous laptop photos, but I guess that’s not going to happen either) I’m just a disaster. So instead, I’m going to post ABOUT my new laptop from my shitty-old-work-computer.

So I guess the advantage to me only posting every once in a while is that now I have more to say per post?

Anyway, so not long after I ordered my brand new computer from Dell I started to get nervous. First, because I ordered it 9/23 and could barely contain my excitement. Then I checked my confirmation email and saw the estimated shipping date was 10/15. Good lord! How am I supposed to wait that long! Now mind you I still checked my status link daily in the hopes they were over estimating the time it would take to build my perfect electronics specimen. I wasn’t really optimistic considering all the stories like this I heard/read. After reading about that I was glad I hadn’t waited until just before my winter break to order it!

Hubbin’s  HP laptop is currently at the doctor’s so I wasn’t able to check the link Friday or Saturday so imagine my surprise when we went to my parents house for dinner and I check my status link only to find out my computer had SHIPPED 9/28. Estimated delivery 10/4. Ok, I can wait till Thursday right? Maybe. We ended up having to take a trip to best buy so I could fondle the other 14inch laptops for comparison.

So I arrive at work Monday morning and check the status link to find that DHL has virtually teleported my computer the whole way across the country and now not only is it located in the right state, but the right CITY! And lo, what’s this? It’s with the delivery courier?! I nearly peed my pants.

I suspected it was going to be one of those packages requiring a signature but I can’t tell you how badly I wanted the laptop that very night. Knowing it was in the right spot, just missing a signature. I mean if I had any inkling it would have showed up at our front step 3 days before its estimated arrival I would have left a post-it on our front door:

Dear DHL Delivery Savior,
Don’t you dare leave the premises with my package. Place it under the awning of the deck and be on your merry way.

So then I’m watching my tracking code obsessively all day. And I’m good at obsessing over things. It was torture. Positive torture. Hubbin gets off work at 3pm and it takes him approximately 5 minutes to get home. I called the DHL office not once but twice to ask them to pleeeeeeeease deliver my package after 3pm. 10:10am. “Delivery attempted, recipient not at home”…. 2:02 “Delivery attempted, recipient not at home”. I gave up hope at that point. But then! 3:35, Hubbin calls to announce the wonderful deliveryman from DHL stopped by our house for a third time to deliver my package! I heart DHL. My new favorite company!

So now I have my laptop 🙂 I dubbed yesterday “take your computer to work day”. I spent my whole day at work trying to figure out how to properly complete a disbursement request (productive) and installing Office2007 and The Sims2 (not productive) onto my computer. Can you even imagine if I had my own office rather than a desk in the lab? I’m sure I would have played the Sims the whole day yesterday. I was a bit smarter today and left it at home.

Vista is pretty, but it’s going to take some getting used to. I feel like I don’t know where anything is yet. I think I may like it when all is said and done though. Now the hunt begins for a Bluetooth mouse. Suggestions? We spent the extra money to get the Bluetooth enabled computer (ahem, I got a little too much enjoyment from figuring out how to wirelessly sync my PDA and computer the first night) but now the issue seems to be there is just not a big enough selection of Bluetooth mice yet. Whine, whine, I know.

So far so good though, and I haven’t yet missed the extra inch of monitor I was so worried about.

Photos and official review to follow, I promise. That one I really will make from the actual laptop though.


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