Serenity NOW!

Man, am I in a MOOD today. I feel like Mr. Costanza today… that and I’ve been practicing my pursed-lip-breathing techniques. Sometimes I just feel like if my coworker/boss asks for one more thing I might just exploed. “We’re almost out of this” “I already ordered it last week”… “My pipette is broken” “I can’t fix it”…. “My computer is freezing” “I thought I was a lab tech? I didn’t know I was IT too”… “Come pick up a specimen in the OR” “eff off”… My boss thinks everything is a priority. Everything can’t be a priority, that’s the point of priorities.

My to do list is pages long for both work and school, I’m totally overwhelmed. I’ve called my doctors office three times today for a perscription refill. I called over my lunch break because I don’t exactly want to discuss getting a refill on my birth control pills with all my coworkers present. Is that so wrong? I called and spoke with the, secretary? and she keeps saying “Oh they’re at lunch, call back after one” So I called at 1:10p “Oh they’re at lunch you’ll have to call back” So I called at 1:20p “Oh they’re at lunch, give them another 10, 15 minutes”. Please PLEASE explain to me why you bother having someone answer the phone if they’re incapable of taking a message? You mean to tell me my WHOLE doctor’s office with all 6 physicians, and 8+ random nursing staff I’ve seen running around ALL take a simultaneous lunch break? Seriously?

…but like I said. I’m in a mood. I guess I’ll try back around 2.

That and my computer isn’t supposed to ship till the middle of next month! 😦


One thought on “Serenity NOW!

  1. Yes, everyone takes lunch at the same time. If they don’t the drug rep will take away their precious free Olive Garden. I, too, deal with this situation on an almost weekly basis. Sometimes I just call out what I want. “Refill of ___drug name here__ BID x30, please” haha

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