I did it!

I did it! I couldn’t stop myself any longer! I ordered my laptop last night! (oh the excitement)

It went from:
1. Well I think when I graduate nursing school I’m going to get a *really* nice laptop as a reward.

2. Well I have a whole month off around Christmas maybe I’ll get it then so I can play with it the whole break.

3. Well is there really any reason to wait till then? Will the soft/hardware get better? Will it be cheaper? I really want it.

So last night we ordered a *really* nice Dell. I settled on the 14″ one. I went back and forth for a long time between 15″ and 14″ but I just really wanted the extra portable one (I’m using my intention to go to gradschool for my excuse). I spent a lot of time in best buy going “well 13 is too small, 15 is okay I guess” then one day we ran into a Dell kiosk in the mall and they had the 14″ one plus using the website Hubbin’ picked out all the geekly-important options. I love being married to a geek. Hopefully I won’t miss that extra inch. I can hardly wait til it gets here! I’ve been daydreaming about having my own computer for so long!

So, new blog, new computer. Perfect timing!

So speaking of geek Hubbin’ went out this weekend and bought himself a new iPhone. (Because his treo was what? 3 months old?) I have to say, that iPhone? WAY sexier than I had expected. WAY.


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