Oh I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep at my desk again.

Sorry I haven’t been as good about posting, this semester is totally beating me up. Combined with the coworker change over and the last minute deadlines my boss keeps tossing at me “here catch” I haven’t had spare time at work or home for updating. I am still slooowly exploring switching over to my NEW WORDPRESS BLOG… go see. And to entice you to go visit and tell me what you think I’ve offically linked my flickr account to the new blog so if you go look, you will then have free lisence to look through all my online photos. I guess that’s truthfully why I haven’t posted, I’ve spent my internet time at home recently removing names and face shots from flickr. Don’t worry I’ve left up 312 photos including a gratuitous amounts of tegu photos. If you know anything about flickr you can tag photos, I recommend checking out my photos tagged with “What will the tegu eat?” for a good laugh.


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