Dreaming of Sleep

…You’re just going to have to excuse spelling and grammar… I’m stareing cross-eyed at the computer and just can’t bring myself back to the top to edit.

So I’m on my 4th day of the new semester. So far this week between work and school I’ve worked 43 hours and that was just through Wednesday. I’ll be leaving clinical tonight at 11pm, so that’s another 16 hours today and 8 tomorrow. zzzzzz. I do believe I will be arriving late to work on Friday and leave late. I don’t think I can drag myself out of bed after 5 hours of sleep again.

I had a total anxiety attack last night when we were having our 1st meeting of clinical and the second clinical instructor at my site (there are two groups of us there) was saying she wanted the patient clinical prep, drug cards, care plan, and teaching plan ready to turn in for us to take care of our patients today. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes were like 3 inches wide. Because we left last night at 11, I got home about 11:45, showered, went to bed at 12:30 and got up at 6 for work where I will stay till I leave to arrive at my clinical shift beginning at 3pm. When exactly am I supposed to accomplish the 3+hours of work she assigned?! I mean drug cards, lets be honest, it takes me 45 minutes PER and I have yet to meet a hospital patient that’s on less than 6 medications.

I spent all day yesterday attempting to train my favorite coworker’s new replacement. My favorite coworker sent me an email from medschool asking for the full scoop on her replacement and this is an excerpt from what I wrote:
Email Day #1
He’s cute, as in attractive cute. My first impression was he was a little cocky, but maybe because I only saw him for 10 minutes. He so does not respect my authori-tay yet.

Email Day #2
He is cocky in a young-20s boy kind of way. We did two practice rats today, I did one and he did one along side me. Not TOO bad. He totally lacks the careful finesse we have and is more along the lines of a fellow but at his last lab was apparently dissecting retina out of mice so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that by the time he’s done with the next two practice rats it won’t look quite so hacked up. He did nick the vagina and so I had to give him a little lecture about how even little nicks are a big deal for the biomechanics testing.

This morning my boss comes out of her office and walks over to me with this like half smile on her face and telling me in a hushed voice that the fellow has already called her to bitch about the new guy, lol. The fellow told my boss that he acts very arrogant and cocky etc etc and after she showed him once how to do something he went over to the computer to work on applications for the rest of the day. lol and my boss saw me smiling and goes “what? do you think he’s cocky too?” and I said “Yeah actually I sent [old coworker] an email yesterday describing him as a cocky 22 year old boy” and she was like “oh this is not good at all, there is nothing I hate more than cocky boys, we’re going to have to stop this right away”… lol.

On a personal note I went back to the doctor Tuesday because I was worried my incision was getting infected (because there hasn’t really been any improvement in the last week) so they gave me some antibiotics. Apparently the risk of infection for this surgery is very low because they didn’t even perscribe antibiotics from the start. I’m doing fine but still just generalized discomfort in the area, it hurts to walk and I have to be gentle about sitting. Because of the location they don’t stitch the incision closed (because of tension?) so I have an open surgical wound that has to be cleaned carefully and packed with gauze. Here’s hoping it closes up speedily now that I’m on antibiotics — and for no Cdiff.


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Sleep

  1. Hi SSFB,
    Thanks for the comment on my space. I was kind of looking for others’ opinions, so I appreciate yours. I hadn’t considered situations like your friend had experienced. 99% of our cases involve college females. I am still struggling with the decision. I just don’t know where my comfortability boundry lies.
    In some ways, I am just too soft-hearted and dwell on other people’s pain too much, which I feel is a weakness, not a strength, when I think about the area of nursing I have chosen. Then again, I don’t believe I ever want to be cold and uneffected.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you.

    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend. Surely you get Monday off from work, school, and clinicals. 🙂


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