Total Indecision

Know how I’ve been talking about packing up and moving to another blog for a while? Well I went ahead and registered a blog withwordpress . I like free. I’m playing around with all the different features. I still haven’t decided to officially switch quite yet so far I’ve only posted
and entry linking back here. You’re welcomed to check it out. I may double post over there for a while.

Really what it comes down to is I’ve decided what I want my new hobby to be… you know, when I get time for a hobby. I want to learnwebdesign. Nothing terribly fancy, but I want to be able to write my own blog template.

At the current moment I like blogger better. Blogger gives you control over just about everything near as I can figure. That said,wordpress has waaaay sexier themes for the part. It makes them look a lot more professional. Problem being… it gives you almost no control over your design… at least not in the free version. There’s not really much point in me getting a paid account when I don’t know how to design anything anyway… and I guess after I know how to design my own template, I could just upload it to blogger anyway now couldn’t I?

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