A conversation I never really envisioned having **updated

Last night I left work and was driving home when my mom called. Not strange, we hadn’t talked in a while. She made some small talk, asked about some things that had happened recently. Then kind of off handledly said “Well give me a call when you get home”. Strange.

So since I wasn’t going straight home I called back in about 5 minutes when I got to the gym parking lot. She said “oh! Are you home?” I said “No, but I’m in the gym parking lot”… “oh well I really kind of wanted to wait till you got home but I had something to tell you and I wanted to tell you before you heard from somewhere else”. Strange. Heart sinks. I say “Well I called back because I spoke with Hubbin right after you called and he’s going out with a friend to the store so I’m not in a rush to get home now”. She proceeds to tell me that she has breast cancer.

That’s a conversation I never really envisioned having.

So the short version is, she’s having a lumpectomy tomorrow and then will start radiation provided everything goes well and the lymphnodes come back clean. geez.

So she sounds fairly optimistic and what was conveyed of the conversation with the doctor all sounded optimistic. Words like “non-aggressive” “small” and “early” were used. So right now I’m just trying to stick with that.

She felt terrible telling me over the phone, she had wanted to tell me in person but everything was happening so fast (appointment availability wise) that she was already on the OR schedule for the hospital we both work at for Friday and she was terrifed that someone would say something to me (HIPPA violation much). That wouldn’t have been good. She didn’t want to tell me before she knew what all was going on but didn’t even take my father to her appointment with her because she was worried I would run into him getting coffee or something.

Anyway… that the big, yet not exciting, news around here.

Thanks for all the good wishes. The surgery was this morning, we believe it went very well but will know for sure sometime after the pathology report gets back which is “Wednesday”. The doctor was able to remove the whole tumor and had pathology up to verify and the lymphnodes they removed appeared to be normal to the naked eye. The lymphnodes have been sent off to pathology and that’s what we’re waiting to hear back about. If they’re normal then things are looking really, really good. The patient is at home resting comfortably and spent most of the afternoon snacking on jello and napping. As patients should.


5 thoughts on “A conversation I never really envisioned having **updated

  1. Oh SSFB!

    I am so sorry – you must’ve been worried sick! I am glad the surgery is over and I pray that every bit of it was removed.

    My heart goes out to you while you wait for the path reports.

    Good thoughts coming your way —

  2. Ah! I’ve been AWOL for a few days and this is what I come back to!

    What a frightening time for your mom and your whole family. Happy to hear the surgery went well!!

    Adding my positive thoughts to the mix for a quick and uneventful recovery.

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