My love affair with the finance department continues…

You may recall how much I love the employees of the finance department. I’ve posted about them before. Today I received the following email from Chief PITA #1.
(PITA= Pain In The Ass)

Hi [SSFB],

I just signed off on the last batch of [University] invoices from [The Animal Lab] for [Boss]’s research, and I noticed that [Random Secretary] prepared the disbursement request that I signed (ie) she signed it as the requester which tells me who prepares the form.

In my previous email below, I had requested that you contact [Random Secretary] to learn how to complete the [Healthcare Corporation]/PSD disbursement request form so that you could handle this. [Random Secretary] supports 60x physicians, an add’l 35x research & non MD faculty, and more than 170x FTE’s for the Dept. [Random Secretary] was kind enough to prepare this last disbursement request for you, but going forward please prepare these and submit to [Random Secretary] for processing. [Random Secretary] collects the disbursement requests from the Managers & staff, and proofs each for accuracy & completeness… then [She] forwards to me for review & signoff so that the invoices can be paid.

Thanks for your help with this request!
-[Finance Guy]

Ewwwwww. I was extremely offended by this email that he also sent to, his secretary, Random Secretary, and my boss. First of all, my boss rarely reads her email because she is so busy but I REALLY hope she reads this one because I would loooooove for her to peek her head out of her office and say “What’s this about?” and for me to be able to say “Noooo idea” *shrug*

The way this works is his secretary faxes me invoices from animal lab, then I sign “Ok to pay, SSFB” and fax them back to his secretary. At no time do I contact Random Secretary.

It took every ounce of self control for me to not email him back:

Dear Finance Guy
No idea what you’re talking about.

Now, the last exchange I had with Random Secretary was asking her to email me a copy of said Disbursement Request back in June when I got the original email asking me to complete this form when I needed it. Since then, I have not touched said Disbursement form for no other reason than I have no idea what it’s for. I finally decided it was well within my rights to know what he’s talking about since apparently I’ve deeply offended him and Random Secretary. Not to mention I’m apparently the primary contact on this grant, so if they’re paying something out of this grant I should know what it is.
So my offical reply said:

[Finance Guy],
Could you please tell me what this disbursement request was for?

No response as of yet…
Now, I did take an order form to Random Secretary once… in February… when my coworkers computer broke. Now I hate to sound like a bad person but if they’re 6 months behind processing said paperwork and are bitching about it, it’s awfully hard for me to get my panties all in a bunch when that happened before he even asked me to fill out this disbursement request.

Now. He is in general not my favorite person. It took him all of 12 months to get me an account number I could actually use to access our grant money all the while bitching at me. I have previously received 6 page long emails from Finance Guy before about how I needed to use whatever software to generate whatever account system code blah blah blah.. and my boss finally had to call him and be like “look, [Finance Guy]… she’s a LAB TECH. She doesn’t work in the finance department. That’s your job”

I disect rats. Process human tissue.
Order antibodies.
Stain slides.
I don’t change finance department employees diapers

I heart my boss.
She just replied and this is her email in FULL:

[Finance Guy], we have no idea what you’re referring to.


One thought on “My love affair with the finance department continues…

  1. I think it might be a rule that finance guys are a little… tight. 🙂 We had a finance guy and when we weren’t talking about money, he was so much fun–but once money was involved, he was all seriousness.

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