Grumpy Pants

I had a rotten day yesterday. Nothing, persay, happened I was just emotional and feeling rotten. I will attribute approximately 50% of this to PMS, 25% to generalized anxiety, and 25% to this:

I’ve finally decided after dealing with my fissure this problem I don’t like to talk about publicly for so long and trying alllllll the little creams and lotions and shots they can perscribe it’s time to buckle down and have the surgery to fix it. I am not happy about this. Sure, it’s a little “outpatient” “one day” procedure and you know, compared to a heart transplant or lobotomy is no big deal…. but it is to me. Especially given the experience I had with my colonoscopy.

I just hope it works and I hope I don’t have any lasting side effects from the surgery. My preop appointment is on the 7th. I don’t have a surgery date yet and frankly that’s another source of anxiety because my fall class starts in August and even though it’s a “one day” thing I have class 4 nights a week and have no idea when I’m going to be able to squeeze in surgery. Hopefully they operate on Fridays.


3 thoughts on “Grumpy Pants

  1. Shots? In a delicate spot like that?
    I hope that once the surgery is over, the thing you don’t like to talk about will be a distant memory.
    Good luck – hopefully it will miraculously fit into your schedule AND you will have a few days to heal before you have to sit in class all evening!

  2. Yes shots.

    And that’s how I described them to my mother too when she called to see how it went. I said “It was pretty much exactly how you would expect two shots adjacent to an open wound in a sensitive area to feel.”

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Personally I LOVED my colonoscopy. They said they waved a little Versed under my nose and then I slept the rest of the day. Trust me, I think a day’s worth of pain will be worth it to get rid of the horrible little bugger!

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