Most Fun

Today is the first day I’ve come home from clinical ALL SUMMER and not felt like I needed to jump immediately into the shower to wash all the filth off of me. I had an awesome day, last week was good, this week was awesome. We were working on a post-partum unit and spent the entire shift taking new baby vitals, bathing new babies, swaddling new babies, patting their bellies, handing out pacifiers. And yes, handing them back to mom eventually 😉

Over lunch the conversation among the four of us was definitely along the lines of “aww they’re so cute, now I want one” “aww they’re so cute it makes me want another one” “aww they’re so cute I wish I had had more”.

I called Hubbin’ on the way home and said: “I had such a great day! We worked with the new babies….. I want one”
To which he replied: *long silence* “You’re not allowed to go back there”

I also watched three circumcisions, which I was honestly surprised, I expected the babies to be WAY more upset. The anesthetic injection really pissed them off but there wasn’t so much as a peep out of most of them. We asked the doctor how many he’s done (He was young looking) he said “THOUSANDS, and that was just as a resident!”

They were sooooo cute. I wish I could have taken pictures of the student’s faces, I was terrified at first. You stick the thermometer under their arm and they start screaming and I had a look of horror on my face. During the first hour our instructor had to keep saying “It’s ok, babies cry, it’s normal”. I was also terrified when she volunteered another student nurse to demonstrate how to give a bath to the parents. (Which is a little crazy I think. I, for one ,have never held a 1 day old baby before in my life and you want me to pick it up, hold it like a football and calmly wipe off the face? Are you joking? With an audience?!) I was feeling much better by the end of the day, I actually was brave enough to pick one up… I think next week I might be able to tackle a sponge bath!


6 thoughts on “Most Fun

  1. I love babies, too. However, my husband encourages me to hold other people’s babies whenever possible so that I get it out of my system.

  2. As an only child who never babysat, the nursery was one scary place to be when I was a new nurse. But very quickly, it became one of my favorite places. Yay for new babies!

  3. LOL New babies are so dang sweet! I’m with Ashley–hold other peoples’ babies and get it out of your system! It’s hard work!!

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying this rotation! OB/GYN was not something I looked forward to in school, but once I got there, it was kind of fun. I loved nursery and didn’t mind postpartum – it was L&D that scared the crap outta me.

    Soon after graduation, I worked in a rural hospital that delivered approximately 30 babies a year. I didn’t want anything to do with L&D. I worked there for one year and I was the primary nurse for five of the deliveries. I figured that was enough for my nursing career. I jumped ship and went to a bigger hospital with an OB unit.

    I am such a sissy sometimes.

  5. This was such an encouraging blog to read. Thank you for posting it. I am going back to school next month (AHHH!) to be a L&D nurse and am a little freaked out that I won’t make it (I’ve been out of school for 6 years). I’ve known I wanted to do this for many years now, but with all the work ahead of me I sometimes start to doubt if its really what I should do. Your blog really encouraged me. Good luck to you! Thanks again!

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