Damn Kashi Company

I’m still trying to add fiber to my diet, since the grape nuts were such a let down. We got a box of this ceral, the honey almond version. It tastes SO good, like, really good… but feels SO BAD, painfully bad. So remember when those WOW chips came out and there was all this hubub about anal leakage? How come there doesn’t have to be a warning on the Kashi box “May cause severe intestinal cramping”?!…

When I got home last night and was getting my welcome home hug from Hubbin’ I said:

SSFB: “ooo, owwww, don’t do that I have a huge bubble in my belly”
Hubbin’: *laughing* “Maybe I’ll just squeeze you and get it out”
SSFB: “No! it might perforate my colon… oooch… what is IN that cereal?! I need to remember not to eat so much fiber on a night I have class and have to sit still in a quiet room the whole night”
Hubbin’: “Maybe that’s why people who eat healthy work out so much, so they can fart it all out”

…so supposedly your body adjusts to stuff like that, but I don’t know if I can make it through a whole box at this rate! If it wasn’t supposed to be healthy I would totally give up on the fiber campaign it’s far too painful. I quit drinking milk because of some of the exact same symptoms!


3 thoughts on “Damn Kashi Company

  1. I have heard from SO many people that Kashi cereal is painful. It’s a shame since their chewy granola bars are made of manna from heaven. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to warn you ahead of time!

  2. Really?! See! There should be a warning on the box! Why isn’t the federal government protecting me like they did from WOW chips (which I never had a problem with and loved by the way, tasted just like the real thing!)

    I do love the chewy granola bars, more specifically the cranberry ones. Yum. Hubbin’ calls those “twig and bark” bars though… he’s not a fan.

  3. I’m on a kick of eating this stuff called Blueberry Morning from Post cereals. I’ve no idea what the fiber content is, but it “looks” healthy with the flakes and the dried bluberries in it.
    It doesn’t give me a bellyache and I eat it a lot! (Sometimes two bowls in one day!)

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