Doing Dishes in the Fresh House

All occurring tonight while making dinner in our kitchen:

Hubbin’: *singing* Ridin’ dirty, I’m ridin’ dirty….. What does that mean anyway?
SSFB: I don’t know, I’m not from the ghetto.
Hubbin’: Me neither
SSFB: I just kind of operate under the assumption that I’m not riding dirty.

….a few moments later…

I was riping a piece of that “press and seal” saran wrap and needed to carry it with my hands full to the counter. Like any reasonable human being I pressed and sealed it to my chest for easy transport:

SSFB: Look, I press and sealed my boobs
Hubbin’: Excellent!
SSFB: Hmm, I’m less than impressed with it’s press-and-seal-ability on this bowl.
Hubbin’: Well you could always just use it as around the house attire if your not impressed with it’s press-and-seal capabilities.


2 thoughts on “Doing Dishes in the Fresh House

  1. We’re back! I loved the elevator comments, the hiring adventures, and cringed at the tegu bites and the nauseated husband-not-texting-back bit… Glad to catch up a little!

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