It was a great idea!

So we got an email last week from someone in the building who’s neighbor is looking for a job.

Which btw, if you’re looking for a job in research we’re hiring. We currently have two positions open even though my boss is only aware of one 😉

We checked out this girl’s resume because we’ve heard absolutely nothing from the HR department about candidates for my coworker’s job (my coworker who is leaving in 3 weeks). My boss, who is a bit of an academic snob, tut-tutted the girl’s 3.6 GPA and the fact that the girl went to Dickinson College. Last I checked, a 3.6 is an A-average and Dickinson College was in the top 50 liberal arts colleges by USNews rankings.

If you were considering applying for this job posting until I told you the requirements are above a 3.6, go ahead, I’ll help you get past my boss’s snobby defenses. 😉

Just for kicks, because our boss cracks us up, me and my coworker to the liberty of looking up some stats. Dickinson is currently ranked 41. Incidentally my college is ranked higher, but I can assure you I came out of there with nowhere near a 3.6.

If my boss only knew! haha!

I convinced my boss we should extend her an interview anyway, so I was told to call and set up an interview with the girl. Frankly what makes us the most nervous about this applicant is that she lists her experience and activities to include things like “Wildlife Rehabilitator”, “Animal Caregiver”, responsible for adoption assistance to animals at the shelter.

…to which I asked: “is she going to try and adopt out our rats?”

But over the past two weeks of thinking about this potential job change I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to gently break the news to my boss that I may leave sooner rather than later. I decided my speech would go something like: “Well, so this girl doesn’t want to take [coworkers] job because she’d have to kill rats, why don’t we hire her for my job instead. I mean, I’m not going to be here *THAT* much longer and I may have to cut back on hours starting this fall anyway… and I had been looking into transferring to a PCT job”…. see then, no harm no foul, I would have time to train the new girl before I even left!

I felt I had developed a fail-proof plan! but SHE HASNT CALLED BACK! We left her a voicemail on her cellphone and I also sent her an email.

Even if we had hired her for my coworker’s job I would feel tons better about leaving because there would still be someone who’s not totally incompetant to take over my job when I left. I’m very concerned about leaving all the budgeting tasks in the hands of my chinese coworker. I’m sure he’d go all willy-nilly with the antibody ordering and the year budget would be blown in a matter of months.

As an update: I will see my Aunt Friday who had promised to talk to whoever was incharge over at the ICU to see if they had any openings for PCTs. I haven’t applied for any jobs yet. All the PCT jobs that are listed are from April/May so I’m not sure they’re still available and my Aunt sounded pretty certain they’d probably have SOMETHING open over in the ICU or step-down unit. Hopefully she will have talked to this lady by then….


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