We’ve nearly finished up with our med-surg unit (only 2 weeks left!) and I got a HUGE unexpected compliment yesterday from my clinical instructor.

I was pacing around a bit yesterday because my patient was dressed for the day and tucked back into bed after declaring he wanted to rest a bit before his family came to visit for father’s day. I was on my way up to the nurse’s station to pull his chart and begin filling out my clinical prep pages for next week when the instructor flagged me down and pulled me into a side hallway saying she wanted to talk to me about my patient care plans *GULP*. We had just got them back from her that morning with red ink ALL over them and I hadn’t yet had time to read over the comments.

Then she said “I wanted to tell you that I was extremely impressed with your care plans” really? “I don’t know if you had time to look over my comments” no, not yet “But you did such a great job, I was so impressed, I wasn’t expecting that at all from you” mmmm… minor insult I guess “-because you’re so quiet, but I want to give you two patients next week. I’m not going to give everyone a second patient, just a few of you” oh swell, more work “Don’t worry you can definately handle it, you did such a good job, I really want to push you futher and challenge your critical thinking” etc etc….

There are 8 of us, and at post-conference she specifically commented that 2 of the students she was going to give a second patient for them to share, and she was going to give me 2 patients.

It wasn’t till the drive home I started getting a little excited. I find the social aspect of meeting the patients nerve wracking, but after I thought about it I *was* a little disappointed with my new patient this week. He’s morbidly obese, lifetime smoker, CHF, a whole host of chronic health problems, but he’s really just there for rehab. So it’s a lot of “Will you hand me this” “Will you find me this”… I was more of an assistant rather than a nurse to him. I really want the opportunity to practice all the skills we’re learning, like hanging IV bags, sterile suctioning, woundcare… all the stuff that actually takes practice and skill rather than being able to hunt through drawers to find an electric razor. So I’ll admit, now I’m looking forward to it a bit.

I can’t really imagine a day when I’ll be capable of taking care of patients on my own, as in more than one patient, I still feel like such a disaster when I’m trying to do a head to toe assessment.


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