Maybe it’s just time?

So I met a few friends of mine from highschool last weekend for a late lunch. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I guess for a while now I’ve been feeling distanced from them. Sometimes this makes me feel guilty for not making more of an effort to stay in touch, but sometimes I wonder if it’s just a natural process of us getting older and perhaps growing apart a bit. I usually defend my lack of effort staying in touch by noting that they aren’t making an effort to stay in touch either. I also wonder if any of them feel the same way? I don’t feel as akward about my friends that no longer live here. If you’re across the country obviously you’re going to hang out or talk less frequently… but my two friends that live in the city, this was the first time I’ve seen them since Christmas. I mean we all talked about the standard things, giving brief updates. They asked about school, etc. But I felt that for the most part I didn’t really have anything to add to the conversation, I’m not a person who can easily just ramble on if I feel like someone’s not listening or not interested.

I’d like to start making new friends, for my impending grown-up stage of life. I have a few friends from nursing school, but no one I’ve hung out with outside of school yet. Unfortunately, this is all coming at a time when I feel like I need to be cutting back on extracurricular activities because otherwise I fall behind in studying… ahem, like for tonight’s test. Having gone out and spending the day Saturday with friends, I lost a whole day of study time. Whoopsies. I want new friends, but I just don’t seem to have the time.


One thought on “Maybe it’s just time?

  1. Two big topics!

    Baby: Oh my, oh my. I was 25 when I got married, and so was Jonathan. We’ll both be 30 this year (oh how time flies). If I were in your shoes (shoes I couldn’t fill, by the way!), going to school, I would wait for a little while. That said, you’ve been reading our blog long enough to know that I would never have used a finished degree because 1) I can’t bear to leave my babies and go to work and 2) I don’t know very many people I trust to keep my babies for me during the day…including daycares. On the other hand, my sister LOVES working. They have one daughter and she loves daycare. My sister is a fresher mother because she is ready for mommy time when she’s done with work at the end of the day. I guess it all just depends on you and what you want. (Incidentally, I’ve got 95+ credits, and have about a year left for a French degree… if my math minor remained, I’d be in school for a lot longer than that, ha ha ha.)

    Friends: Yes, it’s time. You’re married and you’re going to school, busy as anybody I know. It’s nice to be married and not have to worry about dating, huh? I am one of those ducks who moved away from home and am out of the high school loop. My friend (Straying Power) and I keep in touch through blogs and a couple of others through email, and that’s it. You just grow so much from the time you graduate and marry and go to school. Good for you if you can hang on to those old friends, but I say if it’s taking that much effort to stay in touch, let go. When it’s time, someone new will come into your life and you’ll be happy to spend time with them. PLUS, you’ll get more study time while waiting for said friend. 🙂

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