My first photo essay

Introducing our Alpha-Gecko Millie, you may remember what she looked like when we first brought her home in January (and yes, that little smidge of a gecko is Millie). We have three leopard geckos and she has emerged as the most aggressive take-no-shit gecko we have ever seen. She has now been dubbed the “Alpha-Gecko”.Here I am pulling her out of her cage so we can get a nice “scale” picture. Unfortunately she was way too squirmy for me to get a nice shot.
So then I put her on the black chair in the dining room so there would be a nice contrast with the background.
And then she thought she would outsmart me and escape….
Gecko on the run! She’s so close to freedom she can *smell* it!
Escape attempt thwarted. Here she is grinning broadly because she is clearly SO impressed with herself for escaping

One thought on “My first photo essay

  1. Okay. I can handle geckos. 🙂 They look like the lizards that used to hang out on our back cement porch in Tampa. 🙂 They were pretty aggressive, too, fighting over territory. Scooter loved ’em and I was very curious about them.

    Picasa is what I use, and it suits me just fine for free software. 🙂 I can’t do a LOT of things I’d like to be able to do, but I also use Paint and I manage. It’s pretty easy to use, even with a computer hog. 🙂

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