Our 15 Minutes

Today is our building addition grand opening, ribbon cutting, special lunch, etc. News crews and cameras roaming the building.

SSFB and her Chinese Co-Worker:

CCW: “I will take my timer with me to lunch”
SSFB: “That will make you look like a very official researcher”
CCW: “Ahh! Yes! Is great! Working while eating, eating while working”
SSFB: “That’s what research is all about! I’m looking at the news website and I don’t see anything about the opening yet. There’s no streaming live video of you putting your samples in the centrifuge yet”
CCW: “Haha, well maybe my small part it is deleted”

Hopefully they also deleted the part when the camera man came into the lab and I had my butt sticking way up in the air putting boxes under the bench.


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