An Ode to Grape Nuts

Not quite a nut, yet not quite a grape either. A bit more like shredded cardboard.

I look at these grape nuts and I am instantly reminded of our gecko bedding. They live on shredded corncob bedding. I don’t usually eat grape nuts but I’ve been meaning to add more fiber to my diet and grape nuts promise to make this possible. Grape nuts also promise to be a fabulous diet aid, because fiber is more filling dontcha know. Well, I concur, grape nuts are a great diet aid, but not because they fill you up… it’s because when you’ve brought them as your only source of sustenance for the morning after three bites you will say to yourself “bleh, I wasn’t really that hungry to begin with”. I can see why these would be an attractive option if you were someone who say, had no taste buds. I’ll never understand why hubbin’ actually ENJOYS eating this cereal… though I imagine it’s along the same lines of why he prefers real to instant oatmeal….

So my tactic this morning was I was going to mix them with some yogurt and let them sit for a bit and hopefully soften up, because frankly I don’t like how crunchy they are either, it’s just not right.

What really bugs me though about grape nuts is I always go into the situation expecting them to taste like bran. I expect the wonderful flavor of bran cereal to fill my mouth with every bite, each time I’m sorely disappointed. Nevermind, I just can’t finish these… See, there, I just saved myself probably 200 calories.


One thought on “An Ode to Grape Nuts

  1. Grape Nuts is one of my favorite cereals. Here’s my helpful hint: make it into a hot cereal. Pour on milk (or milk substitute). Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. Add honey, raisins, and walnuts to make it even better. Really, it’s good!

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