Ok now I have a headache

Today is just not getting off to a good start. So I just finished recounting yesterday’s events to my boss. Who of course started inquiring about warranty information for the freezer. I reminded her that she wanted me to get the freezer at one of those discount places so I’m not sure it even has a warranty.

Then I begin to pull down off the shelves our bins with old paperwork to look for a warranty of some sort. My eyes fall on my “Research Coordinator” binder from when I went to a seminar about the finer points of consenting patients. Mind you, I don’t consent patients, but my boss thought I should go be trained anyway. I drew in a sharp breath because I then remember my boss had me register for the same seminar this year. Then I remember “It’s June 5th and 6th“. Today is June 5th. It starts at 8am. It’s 9:30. *SIGH*. I thought of my options and I’ve ultimately decided to just forget about it. At least it wasn’t a $50 registration fee out of MY pocket. I’m sure my boss already forgot she wanted me to go anyway. I would have gone late but I have a test tonight for class so I’d have to leave early, and I ended up taking tomorrow off to go to a funeral so I can’t go tomorrow anyway. I then go to print out the information from the talk…

The printer begins making grinding noises. I spent 15 minutes taking apart the printer and pulling out multiple paper jams. 3 pages, thanks.

After I wash all the ink off my hands and sit down to go through the old paperwork my coworker asks to borrow my stapler because his is broken. He says “No good”, I said “Is it broken?” He said “it’s trash”… So then I spent 15 minutes taking apart his stapler and prying out the jammed staples. I swear to you if I wasn’t around he would have just thrown it out. I hand it back to him in working order and he looks at me with surprise and says “Is working?!” and begins to rapidly staple the air to see for himself. It promptly jams again. At which point I wanted to take it and throw it through the window. So then I took it apart and had to fix the spring loaded portion because his rapid fire stapling had got it caught in the staples. I handed it back to him in working order and informed him that it is not a toy and to please only use it to staple papers. (My patience is wearing thin).

My boss seems to think a good portion of our slides are ruined. They’re not supposed to thaw prior to processing. They were definitely thawed yesterday. Cool maybe, but thawed for sure. I sent a few up with my minion this afternoon to be stained to see if any of them are salvageable.


One thought on “Ok now I have a headache

  1. What a crazy series of events. And what waste!! Discount freezers are out of fashion, didn’t your boss know? And to heck with the training anyway. Even if you were there for the two days it would be so boring you’d sit and doodle tegus on your notepad, checking for how much time had passed… wishing it were five minutes instead of five seconds. :S I feel your pain!!

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