Just a moment

What a day, I need to sit down just a moment here and take a break.

Today started off totally awesome. I got to deliver a baby monkey via c-section. It was AWESOME! I was so excited. My boss was wielding the scalpel mind you, but I was the only other person in the operating room scrubbed in. I got to pull the baby out and then help deliver the placenta and then I massaged down the uterus which was just totally unbelievable. I’ve been present at a human birth, which was extremely unpleasant because it turned into a forceps delivery, yikes! But I’ve never seen a c-section in person, plus then to get to actually participate! I love baby monkeys! I wanted to take him home! I was totally pumped the rest of the morning!

…..Until, the maintenance man walked into our lab and told us that our -20 freezer had in fact died and we needed to find somewhere to store everything inside of it. “Ok” we said, then he delivered the final blow, “We have no backup -20 freezer space in the building”. “Shit” we said.

Our lab has 2 -20 freezers. An old one, totally full, and a new one, mostly full. Our new one is where we keep everything we’re currently using and all our new specimens. The new one died. OF COURSE. This had me in quite a tizz. I had to page my boss and let her know the freezer was broken and then ask her what no scientist wants to hear “What do you want me to throw out?” Essentially we had to reduce our freezer space by half ASAP. So she gave me permission to throw out anything from the person who worked here before me. And any of my coworkers stuff that was from before the same time. Pretty much everything that was dated before 2004 was trashed today. I filled up 7 biohazard bags. SEVEN. I can’t tell cause I’ve been here the whole time but I’m sure our whole hallway smells like rotting animals right now. Because that’s what we keep in our freezer. Not rotting, but animals.

The whole thing was nothing short of a disaster. By the time I cleared space in the freezer and chiseled enough ice out for there to be room, I went to the broken freezer and just about everything inside of it was in boxes or bags just floating in puddles. My boxes of specimens looked like little rafts floating. We saved everything we could. Starting with stuff that isn’t supposed to thaw *ever*, then the newest stuff and the rats last. I was a little frustrated with my coworker that’s on vacation (She does all the rats) A. Because she’s on vacation and I’m not, but B. She really prides herself on saving every rat they’ve ever used. She could fill a whole freezer with just her rats. That’s great and all, everyone loves saving their research (lord knows my boss has specimens in our freezer dated from 1999)… But that made it extremely stressful for me today to know what is actually IMPORTANT versus what she’s just hanging on to for the sake of hanging on to it. I’ve asked her before to throw out what’s already been published on. All her rats from 2004 and before are gone now, hopefully she didn’t need any of them still. There was no way for me to tell what has or has not been tested already. So the stuff with the newest dates took priority.

Stupid freezer totally put a damper on my awesome morning!

I was telling my friend about the c-section and she asked “Is that for work or school” I said “PLEASE, we don’t get to do anything nearly that exciting for school… I’m barely able to change a bandaid without supervision” Although… I feel like that comment is something I should try to keep in mind. Even though I’m trying to remember to do everything *just right* and nervous about my teacher watching me and feeling like I need to ask before I do anything…. in my real-life-job I’m performing surgery. Here I was all nervous about my sterile wound test a few months ago and today I was scrubbed in and assisting surgery! Obviously my boss thinks I’m more than competent enough to handle all of this.

The other thing I was totally excited about today was, my boss is going to Africa in March to teach people there how to perform some sort of vaginal surgery no one there knows how to perform and today she asked if I wanted to go. GOD would I LOVE to go. How awesome would that trip be?! I’d be assisting in surgeries the whole time and helping her out. I’ve totally always wanted to go to Africa. Unfortunately I suspect that will occur at the exact same time we start our practical at school and are required to follow an RN 40hours a week. As bummed as I am to admit it, being able to graduate school in May next year rather than a semester or two late needs to take priority. Too bad she’s not going in June! My boss said she’s starting to regret that she committed to go, she’s getting nervous about going to Africa.


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