Time to find a hobby

Male Student Buddy 1: “So help me if I see ONE MORE 70 year old man come into the ER for heart trouble after taking Viagra…”
Male Student 2: “What? You think you’ll be ready to give that up by the time you’re 70?”
Male Student Buddy 1: “HELL YES! It’s time to get a new hobby! Travel, make your own wine… Nobody wants that in them anymore”
SSFB: “And no one wants to see naked old man ass either”
Male Student Buddy 1: “No kidding! I barely want to see myself naked now! Definately not when I’m in my 70s”


2 thoughts on “Time to find a hobby

  1. Pants, pants, pants. You gain weight (like me) you lose weight… no matter what there is not a perfect pant. If I like everything you talked about in pants, I end up having hip huggers, which I CAN’T STAND because then I get plumber’s crack… It’s a mess. I would say keep BOTH pairs and see how you fare.

  2. That was Hubbin’s solution as well. I’m keeping both. I still the the short ones fit better, but then I look rediculous wearing nice shoes with them. …so… they stay. All of them.

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