Bulleted for Convenience

Things I would like to have blogged about today if I hadn’t been so busy:

  1. The brand new baby monkey I got to pet this morning. (OMG, SO CUTE, I wanted to take him home)
  2. The fact that my summer minion might actually become a minion as I was able to cut the cord and let her cut slides independently this afternoon. I never realize how anal retentive I am until I’m training someone to use the cryostat.
  3. That I described the inside surface of the primate vagina as “weapon like” to the biomechanics lab tech. And he agreed.
  4. My new online shopping purchases: Pants and shirts, very nice! Although I’m starting to think I might be deformed… my inseam/rise ratio never really seems to work out perfectly.
  5. My initial impression of my 102 nursing instructor: “Maybe not so bad”
  6. My initial impression of my 102 classmates: Lecture does not equal person sharing time. Thanks.

One thought on “Bulleted for Convenience

  1. So many things to blog about, so little time…… Or energy as the case may be. 🙂

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