Are you ever just not in a good mood? For no particular reason? I think I’m having one of those days.

Culminating in the fact that I just arrived on campus for my lab from 4-7 only to find out that we’ll only be having lab every OTHER week… Starting NEXT week. So just come back for your class at 7pm. Ummm, so that’s nice and all but I’m already HERE and in case you had your head in the ground gas is like $3+ a gallon. Too bad college doesn’t have a nap room, that’s what I’d really like to be doing with my new found free 3 hours…

Our summer intern started this week. Since she’s been assigned to me Hubbin has been referring to her for the past week as my minion. I’ve decided I don’t like having a minion. She’s nice, but having a minion is kind of like having a toddler. I feel the need to keep her entertained, and I really like having a little “downtime” at work now and then.

Today the minion and I, we were going through the freezer looking for some specific samples and the -80 freezer warmed up to -76… so we quit. Like good citizens. Because it alarms at -74. Apparently it warmed up even more while we were at lunch and the people we share the freezer with were PISSED at us. Which just adds to my cranky attitude, AND makes me feel guilty for yelling at my coworker last week when he let it warm up to -70 (but, that’s WAYYYY too warm) After they yelled at us we pretty much had to quit working for the rest of the day. We need the samples we were looking for before we can move onto the next step. So the minion, I think, was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t able to do much at work today. I was a little cranky that I was feeling guilty because I didn’t have anything for her to do.


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