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We had a great first date. I thought he was really cute and he seemed really interested in what I was talking about. He asked me detailed questions about my job even though we were eating (and that takes balls). He asked me if my job got to be like on CSI where they could be eating a sandwich and doing an autopsy, “yes”. He was tall, cute, smart, mildly geeky… all things I like. After dinner we saw Hitch. I kid you not when he handed me my movie ticket we sparked (movie theater carpet I guess) and during the movie he squeezed his coke too hard and the lid popped off. I remember thinking “awww he’s nervous!”

After the movie he invited me out for drinks, but I kid you not I had missed FOUR phone calls from my mother during the movie. I told her I was going out to dinner with “a friend” and she was extremely suspicious. I didn’t want to mention the word “date” until I knew it was a “date” worth mentioning. Otherwise there would be endless harassment. I excused myself and was pissed at myself the whole way home for cutting the date short. I didn’t want my mother to get all worked up though. You know that old saying “When mama’s not happy, no one’s happy”. I decided I would send him an email telling him I had a really good time when I got home, an “encouragement” email if you will. Turns out that email was the only thing that convinced him to call again, he thought he blew it.

Meeting online created a lot of awkward situations with my mother over the next few months. I lied to her when I got home and told her I met him through a friend and her exact response was “THANK GOD! I thought you were going to say you met him on the INTERNET”… :0! My dad responded with “because you know only ax murderers hang out online”… amused by the situation. I told my dad the truth. My friends all took the online dating news better than I thought they would (I’ll admit I was a little embarrassed) In fact, I was surprised how many of them responded with “oh I tried that for a while”. Online dating is way more common than I ever thought it was.

We dated for several months, I took a lot longer than he did to get comfortable in the relationship… I think mostly because of age/experience and because I wasn’t really looking for anything serious. We started talking “future” only a few months in and he proposed at the same place we had our first date 6 months later. We met for dinner and my fortune cookie said “SSFB, will you marry me?” and he pulled out the ring. We bought a house that fall and got married the next summer outside in the garden of a bed and breakfast.


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  1. Yay! I LOVE how-we-met stories.

    I was very skeptical of online dating when it first became popular, but now I have so many friends who met great husbands that way. 😀

  2. I met the love of my life on the Yahoo Personals…:) We’re both so happy that we gave online dating a shot…….:)

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